Atheism's Fatal Flaw

A Universal Impact

The study of man’s origins is of paramount importance because it has impact over every single human being. The impact is shown in whether a Creator exists or not, and the necessary impact that such a Being would have on His Creation. Because of this, it is troubling just how commonplace it is for scientific textbooks, studies, and other resources to present an examination of man’s origins without a Creator as fact.

Watch Where You Step!

A Continual Evil

War is a horrible, terrifying thing which, unfortunately, is an ever present evil in the affairs of man. Throughout history, man has developed new weapons and new techniques for delivering those weapons in conflicts over land, money, power, women, and sometimes completely ridiculous causes.

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Love and Valentine's Day

A Long History

Valentine’s Day has an interesting history, which predates many other holidays. Its first establishment can be traced to a proclamation by Pope Gelasius I in A.D. 496. Its purpose has always been focused upon a time of affection and gift giving between those in relationships. It is called a day of love, although this focus is primarily upon romance.

A Ready Defense

Standing Up, Standing Strong

Part of walking as a Christian is standing up for Christ who we serve. This means that before the world the Christian is to be neither passive, nor timid. Instead, when challenged, maligned, or merely questioned, the Christian should be ready and willing to answer. Peter described such an attitude in his first epistle, encouraging Christians to:

…sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to given an account…
1 Peter 3:15a (NASU)

Unique Qualities of Christ: His Priesthood

Priest and King

The things which qualified Jesus to be the promised Messiah are those qualities that no other man could possibly have. We look at one more of these unique qualities by examining Jesus’ priesthood.