The Word of God Will Endure

Where is the Word?

There are times when, looking out into modern society and the world at large, one wonders how so many people choose to reject the Word of God. In the span of a few generations, moral standings based upon Biblical principles have changed for the worst. One might even wonder where the Word has gone in the world at all.

Overcoming Spiritual Fatigue

Physical Limits

As human beings we are physical creatures who succumb to the limitations of physical existence. We must have water and sustenance in order to subsist and continue living. We must take rest in order to regenerate our physical strength or risk collapse. The fatigue which comes from large amounts of physical activity is natural and necessary; it is a warning that our bodies need rest. While this is natural for our physical body, can this same concept be applied to our spiritual self as well?

The Most Dangerous Crisis

Constant Crisis

In life we are treated to a great number of crises, be they real or imagined. There are crisis events worthy of our attention: natural disasters, wars and the promise of wars, disease outbreaks, etc. When there is no crisis in the world to report for the day, many actively search out something to report, sometimes “creating” crisis. This is why it has always been a mantra in news media that “if it bleeds, it leads.” It is curious with all the crises we face in life, the most dangerous and damaging crisis of all is never mentioned, or is even considered as a problem. The oldest crisis of man: the crisis of sin.

A Turning Point

The Shortest Gospel

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels being only 16 chapters long. This is one reason that many suggest that those curious about Jesus and new converts study this Gospel. When looking at Mark it is interesting to see how the writer decided to, through inspiration, layout the book as a whole. Although telling of course the story of Christ, there is a definite turning point in the book upon which the entire Gospel follows.

Where is Your Source of Wisdom?

A Precious Commodity

Wisdom is truly a precious commodity in this world. The sad reality is that many have forgone the greatest source of wisdom which is found in the Word of God. There are many causes for such a situation, but most rest at the feet of man’s own arrogance. The seeking of knowledge is considered a carnal rather than spiritual pursuit, largely because many spiritual things cannot be defined empirically. The greatest wisdom the world embraces is what can be touched and examined. Anything beyond is simply a waste of time.