The Beatitudes - Part Two

We will be continuing our series on The Beatitudes:

The Beatitudes - Part One

Some of the most well known teachings of Jesus (even within the world) come from the Sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew Chapters 5-7. This sermon encapsulates much of the character of the New Law which Christ was going to usher in after His death, burial, and resurrection. This sermon begins with a powerful listing of “blessings” – blessings for things which the world at large, and many Jews themselves would consider folly. These “blessings” (commonly referred to as the Beatitudes, from a Latin word meaning “perfect happiness”) are important because they describe certain necessary qualities for the child of God.

Where Were You...

Lasting Exeperiences

There are certain experiences that have such a strong impact on each of our lives that we remember them with great clarity. Momentous events in the lives of our family such as weddings and births stay with us throughout our lives. Outside of personal experiences, there are also national news events which stay with us. We can remember the place we were and the things we were doing when we heard startling news.

An "Insignificant" Speck

Our Culture

We live in a culture that is obsessed with attention, fame, and significance. This becomes all the more obvious when one peruses the tabloid magazines stands, watches the entertainment sections of the nightly news, or considers the recent explosion of outlets on the internet for the sharing of personal information and self-created videos. People want to be noticed by others, sometimes at terrible cost.

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The Word of God Will Endure

Where is the Word?

There are times when, looking out into modern society and the world at large, one wonders how so many people choose to reject the Word of God. In the span of a few generations, moral standings based upon Biblical principles have changed for the worst. One might even wonder where the Word has gone in the world at all.