Where Were You...

Lasting Exeperiences

There are certain experiences that have such a strong impact on each of our lives that we remember them with great clarity. Momentous events in the lives of our family such as weddings and births stay with us throughout our lives. Outside of personal experiences, there are also national news events which stay with us. We can remember the place we were and the things we were doing when we heard startling news.

American Experiences

For those of the older generations, a quiet Sunday morning in December of 1941 was an absolute shock when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. A couple of decades later, most alive remember where they were when the news of President Kennedy’s assassination was reported. In more recent memories, the horror of turning on the television and seeing devastation unfold in New York City and Washington D. C. on a Tuesday in September of 2001 are still fresh in our minds.

These are primarily American experiences, but throughout the world and throughout history momentous events have shaped nations and also the hearts and minds of individual citizens. But with all major events, both tragic and inspiring, that have occurred within the experience of man, two experiences will stand out throughout eternity.

Two Momentous Events

Jesus’ coming

The first event took place about 2000 years ago and has shaped our history, our laws, our societies, even our calendar in the years that followed. That event was the coming of Jesus Christ and His victory over death and sin for all time (Heb. 10:11ff). This sacrifice is the lotus of history, having been looked forward to in all the years before, and having impacted every year since.

Jesus’ return

The second event, however, has not yet taken place. It is the promised return of that same Jesus Christ. When that day comes, it will be a shared experience throughout the world. It is an experience that every single man, woman and child alive will witness, and among them every knee will bow (Phil. 2:10). When that promised day comes, what we are doing will no longer have any purpose for the End will truly have come.

In eternity, one could perhaps ask the question, “Where were you when Jesus returned?” Much like the great events in the history of our own lives, we will likely remember. However, the question will not actually matter in terms of where were you physically or what were you doing. What will matter is: Where were you standing spiritually when Jesus returned? Because the answer to that question will decide where you will stand after His return forever.

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