Atheistic Mathematics?

An Unlikely Area

Of all the areas of study, the least likely candidate for atheism should be in the realm of mathematics. This should also be true of the hard sciences, although evolutionary theory has seen fit to change such a notion. One of the greatest strengths of math is its unchanging nature, presenting consistent results time and again. Math follows a likely pattern, more attuned to intelligent design and the unchanging truths our Creator gave to His creation.

Atheism's Fatal Flaw

A Universal Impact

The study of man’s origins is of paramount importance because it has impact over every single human being. The impact is shown in whether a Creator exists or not, and the necessary impact that such a Being would have on His Creation. Because of this, it is troubling just how commonplace it is for scientific textbooks, studies, and other resources to present an examination of man’s origins without a Creator as fact.