Postmodernism: Relative Truth

Ever Changing World

The popular culture of the world is an ever changing realm which sometimes catches us by surprise. In a grander way, the world of the current younger generations and the way that these people look at the world has changed from even one or two generations ago. There is a term used to describe this arising new outlook known as “Postmodernism”. To examine this outlook, we will look at different aspects of it, beginning with the subject of Relative Truth.

The Wisdom of Expedience

True Spiritual Maturity

All things are lawful; but not all things are expedient. All things are lawful; but not all things edify.
1 Corinthians 10:23 (ASV)

With this one short verse, Paul describes one of the great responsibilities found within true spiritual maturity.

Atheism's Fatal Flaw

A Universal Impact

The study of man’s origins is of paramount importance because it has impact over every single human being. The impact is shown in whether a Creator exists or not, and the necessary impact that such a Being would have on His Creation. Because of this, it is troubling just how commonplace it is for scientific textbooks, studies, and other resources to present an examination of man’s origins without a Creator as fact.

Watch Where You Step!

A Continual Evil

War is a horrible, terrifying thing which, unfortunately, is an ever present evil in the affairs of man. Throughout history, man has developed new weapons and new techniques for delivering those weapons in conflicts over land, money, power, women, and sometimes completely ridiculous causes.

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Love and Valentine's Day

A Long History

Valentine’s Day has an interesting history, which predates many other holidays. Its first establishment can be traced to a proclamation by Pope Gelasius I in A.D. 496. Its purpose has always been focused upon a time of affection and gift giving between those in relationships. It is called a day of love, although this focus is primarily upon romance.