The Son Still Shines

The Wet Season

With the continual rain that came with spring this year, some might have started to wonder if summer was ever going to come at all. Now that the sun has arrived and the promise of warm (and hot) weather is over the horizon, such fears are assuaged. The irony of this is that, of all the things in this life we cannot control, the weather is near the top of the list. It is also something we become bothered about the easiest.

A Spiritual Allegory

Even under the cloudiest of skies, the harshest of winds, the strongest of storms it is important to remember that the sun does still shine. In real terms, the sun does not leave us but remains to provide light and warmth just as it has since God created it. This is of course obvious, but provides an interesting allegory to spiritual life.

There are many problems that can “cloud” our lives spiritually, both of our own creation and purely incidental to a fallen, sinful world. When our concerns cloud our vision we despair. When our problems cloud our outlook we begin to worry. When things become their darkest we find ourselves in our greatest need. It is during these times one needs to ask: Does the Son still shine?

The truth is that for the child of God, the love of Christ and His gifts are always present, no matter the current situation on earth. Just as the physical sun continues to provide warmth and light when obscured by physical clouds, the spiritual Son continues to provide every blessing when obscured by spiritual ones.

Gray Skies Do Not Last Forever

When the sky is gray, we know that it will not last forever and the sun will one day shine again. We know that the sun really has not “gone away” but is just not in full view at the moment. This being true, why do some, when temporal problems come their way, forget that the Son of God is there to provide comfort and help, even when it seems He is not in “full view”?

Romans 8:31ff promises that no one can separate the Christian from Christ and God. It promises that the Son will always shine upon the lives of His own. We just have to choose to see it.

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