Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

God and His Nature

There are many questions that man has about God concerning His nature and His being. While many questions cannot be answered due to the infinite nature of God, He has chosen to reveal different aspects of Himself to man in finite forms that man can comprehend. When dealing with the question of humor and God, some have made assumptions which may be disproven by Biblical account.

While one need be careful to speak for God, leading to improper extremes (such as a “warm and fuzzy” God on one hand or a “cold and stern” God on the other); we can allow God’s Word to shine some light upon the subject.

Old Testament Examples

It is important to first note that in the Old Testament there are examples of behavior on God’s part which can be construed as humorous. One example is the interaction between God and Job concerning the created universe (Job 39-41). In this example we see God employing the use of sarcasm, which can be seen as a form of humor, in order to deliver His point. In other places of the Old Testament, God Himself or the prophets speaking for Him will employ the use of puns or other plays on words (which, sadly, are best understood in the original language). Also, God’s mockery of man’s creating of idols can be seen as ironic (Isa. 44).

New Testament Examples

It is also important to note that when God took the form of a human being through His Son Jesus Christ, humor is often found as well. Jesus commonly employed the use of hyperbole or wild exaggeration in order to fulfill a point (ex. the unrighteous debtor, Mat. 18). Such usage was meant to be heard with incredulity (perhaps even causing a smile) to drive the point home. Jesus also commonly employed the use of irony, using this several times to point out the hypocrisy of the people (ex. John 5:46, 47; Luke 16:31).

Truth About Humor

It is finally important to note that humor is not inherently sinful. Some have developed an idea of humor which is not in line with the Bible. It is easy to worry about “jesting” and forget that Paul denounces “coarse jesting” (Eph. 5:4). If humor is not sinful of itself, but can only become sinful when used inappropriately, than we can surmise that humor is a part of a sentient mind. Since we received our minds from God, would it not follow that we received a sense of humor from Him as well?

God has demonstrated a sense of humor through His Word, but never for the mere sake of humor itself. God’s focus throughout time has been the redemption of man through His Son, and concerning sin, God is very serious.

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