A Great New Day

Different People

There are some people who are “morning people.” These people have the uncanny ability to rise and shine, embracing the new day with gusto. Many times these people are more productive early in the morning rather than at night. However, these people are in the minority. Most of us do not enjoy the breaking of the dawn and meet the proverbial rooster’s crow with less than enthusiasm.

A “Snowball” Effect

Of course when one is lacking enthusiasm for the morning, it can translate into a lack of enthusiasm for the day. This can snowball into a tainted attitude, one that would normally not occur. Compounded with the challenges we sometimes face during the day, a lack of enthusiasm can turn to irritability or annoyance.

Some have suggested differing methods for creating a better attitude when the day is new and when the day is full of new challenges. While the methods vary, they mostly center on the idea of creating a “positive attitude.” This can be described as the “power of positive thinking” type of approach which emphasizes a choice to think positively, despite the situation around you.

At face value, such an idea seems to have some degree of merit. A large measure of our discomfort with the new day is created by our lack of enthusiasm to meet it. However, simply choosing to be positive or happy without any real cause is nothing more than a lie to oneself. The truth is, simply choosing to be positive for its own sake is vapid, and unnecessary.

Having a Positive Attitude

In reality there is great reason to have a positive attitude with a new day, even when morning comes much too soon. This reason is based on something very real and tangible, and therefore choosing a positive outlook has real value. The reason is a simple one: God has created this day for each of us.

So then, when the buzzer sounds, let us remember the words of the Psalmist: “This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psa. 118:24, NASU). If we take these words to heart, we will have a reason to be positive about the day ahead, and the morning will usher in a new opportunity for life, not a cause for annoyance.

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