What is Man?

A Vast Universe

The universe is a very large place, at least as far as we can understand its complexity. Within this universe are countless numbers of galaxies, each holding an uncountable number of stars. In reality, any such attempts at measurement are merely conjecture because man cannot comprehend such scope. Among such a maelstrom one singular galaxy does not appear to hold specific importance.

An Immeasurable Scale

Our own Milky Way Galaxy is believed to contain between 200 to 400 billion stars like our own star Sol, but such vast numbers are only estimations. Among these stars our own is not the biggest, nor the brightest, but is instead the absolute perfect size for our own needs here on Earth. Among such a vast collection of stars, our own star does not appear to hold specific importance.

Our own planet Earth has a circumference of about 24,900 miles, providing an area of about 196,950,000 square miles. Of this area, 57,510,000 square miles are on dry land and apart from the extremities, has provided a vast space for human beings to live and thrive. Among the planets in our own Solar System our planet is not the biggest, but is instead the absolute perfect for our own needs. However, if you were attempting to locate our world among the stars of the galaxy, among the galaxies of the universe, its size and importance are seemingly insignificant.

An Important Question

It is this very idea that many in the world have begun to hold, which is natural when looking toward the heavens and contemplating the size of the universe God has created. It is possibly part of the thoughts of both Job (Job 7:17) and David: “What is man that You take thought of him…?” (Psa. 8:4, NASU). What importance can our lives hold in such vastness? Who could be concerned with us among such greatness?

The reality is much different, however. Every single man and woman who lived is special to God. We are not one among billions, living on a world orbiting a star among billions and billions of others. We are each created in the image of God and precious to Him. If anyone doubts this remember that God saved His most beloved creation for last, on the sixth day. He never sent His Son to die for far off galaxies, He sent Him to die for you and me.

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