True Courage

The Best Examples

The best possible source for learning how to live one’s life in the best possible way is the Word of God. It provides guidance for everyone, both young and old, and always shows us ways we can live better for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. What makes the Word so powerful is how it includes not only commands and instruction in regard to moral matters, life choices, etc., but it also gives us examples to follow in the lives of heroes of the past.

Imperfections of Man

Of course, each of these heroes (save Jesus) was imperfect, and we can learn as much from their imperfections and failures as we can from their successes. But for someone who is attempting to learn how to live as God would have them, especially a child who is growing to become a godly adult, these heroes demonstrate wisdom, a love for God, and most importantly courage.

The qualities that fiction usually attributes to classic heroes include courage. Comic book heroes such as Superman fight for things such as justice and truth. Fighting for what is right is a laudable goal, and Christians are certainly people who should always stand for truth. What makes this job “easier” for Superman, however, is that he is Superman! How many regular human beings have had to take a hard stand for God in the face of great hardship in history?

Throughout the years followers of God have been taken into slavery; prophets of God have endured trials, tortures, and even death; the perfect Messiah faced hardships unimaginable to anyone because of the cruelty of a foolish, wicked world. In all these cases, men and women of faith had to face trial, hardship, fear, and the temptation to give up or to give in.

What is Remembered?

These heroes are remembered because of the bold message they shared, the great power they demonstrated on occasion by God, and for their great victories over the world. But, they did not always change a nation – some did not even change a single person’s mind! Through it all, however, they demonstrated true courage.

It is true that heroes of the past had to rise to meet great challenges of their day. We as individual Christians may not face the same trials, or be called to overcome the same challenges. But in the end, what defines true courage has nothing to do with feats of honor or acts of valor, even though these things are important. What defines true courage for the Christian is to stand by God no matter what the world brings, be it a sword or an insult; a prison cell or a laugh.

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