In God We Trust

Trust Comes Slowly

Trust is something that is not easily given, especially in a world made more cynical by people exhibiting untrustworthy behavior. For many, the choice to trust someone else requires that the trust be earned, and wisely so. The building of goodwill with a good history of behavior is more a part of our culture than one might at first realize. For instance, consider why credit scores exist and are checked before a credit line is issued, or why a person’s job history is reviewed before hiring.

So for many, it is not surprising that as they explore spiritual ideas, they are inherently untrusting. Countless frauds have come and gone claiming to be spiritual leaders and have either fallen greatly short or worse, have taken full advantage of people. Some question whether they could ever trust “religious” ideas again.

God is Trustworthy

What needs shown to such people who have become cynical toward the very idea of religion itself is that the failings and breach of trust they or those they know have experienced was not a breach of trust by God, but by men. God has been and will continue to be perfectly trustworthy.

God cannot lie

We know this because, as the very embodiment of truth, it is impossible for God to lie (Heb. 6:18). Every single word of the Word of God came from His very mind and “breath” (2 Tim. 3:16, 17), and those words are never to be broken (John 10:35). All things stated in the New Testament with meaning for man today remain true, and will remain true forever (1 Pet. 1:24, 25).

God has never broken a promise

We know this also because God has never failed in any of His promises. The promises made to the physical nation of Israel were fulfilled in her time (2 Chr. 1:9). The promise made to Abraham about 4000 years ago was fulfilled in Christ (Heb. 6:13ff). The promise to all who are in Christ of an eternal future in Heaven with Him, prepared by His Son (John 14) will be fulfilled (2 Pet. 3:9ff).

So for those who, because of the evil acts of other men, or the cynicism of our postmodern culture in general, are unsure about giving any trust, to be shown the perfect, unfailing, and infinitely certain trust that can be placed in Almighty God should provide true comfort. Man should trust in God simply because He is the Creator and sustainer of all. However, man can trust in God, because His track record of trustworthiness is the best the universe will ever see.

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