Dangerous Temptations

The Subtle Things

There are many different things in this fallen world that can tempt man to sin. However, some of the most dangerous temptations for Christians are not always the overtly perverse and wicked things. While such things are vile and evil, it is the more subtle temptations that cause some of the greatest damage – many times without Christians even noticing their effects.


By this we mean the false security presented by the world as opposed to the real security found in Jesus Christ. The world is a volatile place and has been since the very beginning. However, in our modern age, those in this nation have become exceedingly comfortable and led to feel secure in their own personal wealth. This can, from time to time, infect the Christian as well. Once entering the church, the temptation to remain feeling secure will lead many to avoid confrontation with the world, avoid spending money for any purpose (to keep “safe” for a possible emergency), or to find more fault with Biblical teaching than with the world because teaching about sin encroaches upon personal comfort.


Life is long and the Christian walk is full of many pitfalls. Some of these challenges are self-created and some are imposed by the world. Trudging this path after several years, facing similar challenges again and again, can wear upon the soul. This can lead to some seeking unnecessary “change” in Christian worship or life, typically leading to even worse outcomes. This can also lead to spiritual apathy, choosing to simply stand still rather than face the rest of the journey. Our enemy knows this and creates many scenarios which appeal to our natural desire to simply rest.


Dealing with the world can be a dirty process. When we meet souls in need of their God they are always blemished by the stains of sin. These blemishes can be frightening at times and spending time with the blemished can become distasteful. Also, there are many in the world who seek to take advantage of Christians on a daily basis. While it is wise to treat strangers with care, there can be a strong temptation to cynically ignore all those we see and assume not the best, but the very worst about them. When Christians fail to have empathy for the lost, who is going to bring them the Gospel?

These three temptations are not as overly wicked as the debase practices of the world, but they can be much more devastating to the body of Christ. Let us always be aware of the dangerous temptations all around us.

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