A Problem of Probability

A Universal Question

Concerning the question of the origin of man, many different theories hoping to explain this question have been presented over time. When boiled down to their base components, there are only two real origin scenario options:

  • Option #1: Spontaneous generation (something coming from nothing)
  • Option #2: Intelligent design

An honest and logical assessment of known scientific law makes only one of these two options possible. So which option is more probable?

Tiny Creatures

Smallest known creature

The smallest self-contained known life form (mycoplasma hominis H39) is made up of about 600 proteins. This life form is still too complex for evolutionary science, so a theoretical life form has been posited to support this theory.

A theoretical creature

According to Dr. Harold J. Morowitz of Yale University, this life form would consist of 239 proteins. Granting that such a theoretical life form could exist (which is doubtful) and granting all the evolutionists’ own assumptions about the primitive earth they propose (each of which are doubtful), just how probable is it that such a life form could arise by mere chance?

“Cheating” a little

If we give these proteins a chain formation rate which exceeds normal atomic processes (simply, we let the proteins “cheat” a little in order to make something out of nothing), what chance is there of these chains producing one usable protein? The odds of such an occurrence are 1 in 10^161^ (a 1 with 161 0s after it)! Now those are the odds of producing one protein – in order for the evolutionary model to work they have to produce 239 of them to form the theoretical life form. What chance is there of these chains forming 239 usable proteins, even granting 5,000,000,000 years in which to do so? The odds of such an occurrence are 1 in 10^119,701^ (a 1 with 119,701 0s after it)!

Insane Odds

Now in order to put these vast numbers into perspective, it is worth noting that the entire known universe could only be packed with 10^100^ grains of sand! It is a granted norm in theoretical science that any probability greater than 1 in 10^50^ is considered never to occur. So, put simply, the odds of the simplest life form (which does not exist in reality) posited by evolutionists occurring by mere chance is vastly less likely than probabilities in science considered to never exist in reality.

The Only Option

So what are we left with? There must be an explanation as to the cause of life in the universe. If this cause cannot, in all probability, be from random chance, then it must come from a higher, supernatural power. That such a cause exists is a probability of 1 in 1, because you exist! He made you! The Bible calls this cause God.

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