Useful Idiots

An Old Adage

During the rise of the Soviet Union and its growth to a world superpower, a term came into existence which has entered into modern political jargon. The term was “useful idiot” and it has been attributed (though not proven) to Lenin, and later to Stalin of the Soviet regime describing a Westerner who was sympathetic to communism.

What gives the term its power is the irony that it represents. These so-called “idiots” were those who were supportive of a regime that, although they used such support for their own ends, held these same “idiots” in contempt. The cynical nature of such support demonstrated their true feelings on the matter.

Even More Dangerous

In a similar and even more distressing vein, one could argue that there exists a countless number of “useful idiots” in the world today. These “idiots” are not supportive of a political system or specific regime, but of something far worse. These “idiots” espouse the same thoughts and positions of Satan himself.

Disputing the creation

One such example is someone who devotes their resources and research into disputing the Creation account. In our post-modern culture, those who hold a Creationist viewpoint are many times seen as outliers, and this is largely due to the support of such “idiots”. The Bible has a very different approach to the Creation. In Romans, Paul describes creation itself as a basic and obvious proof of the Creator (1:18ff).

Encouraging licentiousness

Another such example would be those who espouse a philosophy of licentiousness. This describes man as the ultimate master of his own destiny, in an echo of the first lie told to man that one can “be like God” (Gen. 1:3, NASU). Such “idiots” encourage man to be his own master, and bring man into bondage to sin.

Proven Fools

The greatest tragedy of such “useful idiots” is that one day the truth will be known. It is in that one day that they will know the foolishness of what they have been encouraged to believe, and also who it is that they were really serving and found them “useful”. Those who challenge God and His Word in this life are not to be feared or hated, but instead to be pitied for being the “idiots” they truly are.

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