The Best Outlook

A Web of Philosophies

There are many different philosophies which have been explored by man, although most overlap or have common roots. Among the more formal schools of thought, entire systems of outlook upon the world have been constructed. Outside of the formal systems, there still exists a common way of looking at things which will differ from person to person.

Differing Extremes

Some people are optimists, which some suggest to be the healthiest outlook on life. Such people believe that things are generally good and will become better, even in the midst of trouble and hardship. Some people are pessimists, which is the direct opposite. Such people believe that things are generally bad and will become worse. They also tend to be highly cynical and untrusting which comes from expecting the worse of everyone.

A Middle Road

Somewhere in the middle there are realists, which approach life with a highly pragmatic attitude. They approach problems in the moment, assessing the situation based upon can likely be overcome and what cannot. A realist does not become overly attached to the cause of a situation but focuses upon whether the effect is manageable or not.

An Important Question

Now, to be fair, few people actually embody a singular outlook totally, nor are they so wooden as to not change outlook depending on the current situation. However, most people tend to lean toward one outlook over another. So the important question would be: Which outlook is best for the Christian?

The truth is that the Christian outlook supersedes them all. One could argue that Christianity is closest to optimism, but without the hope that Christianity brings, optimism is empty. Christianity completes optimism by granting a real, better future. Christianity is better than pessimism obviously for the exact same reasons.

True Reality

By what about the realist? In many ways the Christian is most similar to the realist in understanding the reality of the Christian walk. While one looks forward to an optimistic future because of Christ, the reality of our own sinful choices should always be in our mind. What makes Christianity better is that we never have to face the reality of the punishment of sin. That makes for the best possible outlook indeed.

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