Doing Nothing

A Famous Quote

A 18th Century political philosopher named Edmund Burke is attributed these words, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Although the specific quote is disputed by some, it seems in character with the overall attitude of Burke’s writings.

Gains Through Inaction

While this man’s focus was within the lotus of politics (and thereby the temporal moral choices of man), there is much more to such a concept than is limited to the affairs of mere man. Even if by accident, this concept places a spotlight upon one of the most coveted secrets of Satan: that his greatest advantage comes through inaction. Consider then the following statements:

Embracing Evil

Satan does not require that you embrace evil, only that you do nothing.

The truth is that the world will embrace evil on its own. The history of man, without accepting the guidance and influence of God, is misery, hedonism, and wanton debauchery. This is without exception. Therefore, the only true challenge to moral evil comes from those with the knowledge of moral good, namely those who are God’s people. While many Christians focus upon ensuring the moral foundation of their own self and family (laudable goals), to ignore the moral conflict outside is to invite evil without participation.

Denying Christ

Satan does not require that you deny Christ, only that you do nothing.

In the first and second centuries, Christians were challenged at different times to openly deny their Lord Jesus Christ. This was something they simply could not do, and many paid with their lives. However, in our more “tolerant” age, such challenge is seldom seen, and some have assumed that the world’s lack of direct challenge is tantamount to acceptance. This is, however, a false security and has done more damage to the body of Christ than direct persecution. Without the challenge, there is no need for boldness. Without boldness, there is no need for action at all. Without action, there is no change of heart, soul, or mind.

Accepting Today

Satan does not require your acceptance now, only that with the next generation you do nothing.

This is the most frightening prospect of all, for it strikes at the very future of the body of Christ. It is no accident that the strongest forces of temptation are directed at young people; those who are young have less life experience, a greater cynicism toward established “tradition,” and a greater propensity toward rebellion. If the older generation does nothing to encourage, challenge, and firmly establish the next generation, the battle with evil is already lost.

The Danger of Inaction

When considering the reality of these statements, the danger of inaction becomes all the more apparent. This is because the only people on earth who have the power to do anything in the face of evil are the people of God. If we do nothing, then who will?

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