When People Face God...

Ignoring the Future

A sad reality of our modern world is how few people really expect to stand before their Maker one day. While many like to entertain the idea of a loving God and Heaven, the idea of a judgment scene is less popular. As man become more cynical, fewer people even consider that they will one day atone for their choices in this life, and even more cynically believe that if they do, they will be able to overcome it.

Cynical Examples

For example, a successful businessman might (albeit jokingly) argue that because he is able to negotiate high finance agreements he will be able to “negotiate” a “good deal” with God. Or perhaps a high level attorney who is used to arguing the finer points of law and exploiting technicalities might argue that he will find some form of “loophole” with God.

Other examples abound, based upon the advantages or expertise that people have in their own lives. Sometimes these assumptions are based upon more than expertise, such as an arrogant man truly believing that he is “too important” to God to be judged. It is important to note that people may not say such things out loud or consider them consciously, but in the heart of many, these examples are not far off the mark.

A Powerful Contrast

Contrast the self-reliant (and self-indulgent) ideas of man before their Creator with the Biblical example of Isaiah found in Chapter 6 in his book of prophecy. When faced with a glimpse of the throne scene of God in Heaven, did Isaiah rely upon his position as a prophet? Did Isaiah rely upon his own creativity, ingenuity, ability with words, attractiveness, self-worth, etc.? No, instead his attitude was the exact opposite of most human thinking: humility. His reaction was, “Woe is me, for I am ruined! Because I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips” (6:5).

What a striking difference to the attitude of so many. Isaiah’s reaction was one of fear, for he knew of his unworthiness before God. Only by his obedience, and today by obedience to Christ, was he made worthy with “clean lips” (6:7). The greatest surprise that countless billions of men and women when they one day face God, is not that the event is actually happening, but that the things they hold as important and worthwhile will not be enough to remove their unworthiness.

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