Building a Church Website

Step One: Scope


As our congregation is in the very early stages of a planned rebuilding of our church website, I decided it may be of use to others to attempt to document the process. Of course, each congregation is unique and has her own unique challenges and opportunities, so this series will attempt to be as generic as possible. I will also endeavor to avoid being overly technical as we proceed.

Everything must begin somewhere, so we will begin discussing the scope of your church website.

Upcoming and Planned Features

UPDATE (2016-02-18): Finished adding last year archive

UPDATE (2016-02-09): Added “spoiler” tag functionality. See bottom of page for live test!

A New Look

With a bit of polishing and refinishing the Castle’s Keep website has a new look! In the coming weeks there will be more finishing touches and adjustments to come, but also new content being added and restored from the archive.