Upcoming and Planned Features

UPDATE (2016-02-18): Finished adding last year archive

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A New Look

With a bit of polishing and refinishing the Castle’s Keep website has a new look! In the coming weeks there will be more finishing touches and adjustments to come, but also new content being added and restored from the archive.

We invite you to check back periodically to see what new and exciting Biblical resources are being made available!

Future Plans

There are several plans and ideas in the works both short and long term. These include:

Short term plans

  • Restoration of as much of the archive as possible 2015 added DONE
  • Addition of Disqus commenting (if feasible and free of spam) DONE
  • Maintenance of the “articles” section which are mirrors of weekly bulletin articles
  • A new “feature” article section for more in depth examinations or study guides
  • Special resources for those involved in the Timothy Class or other special classes

Long term plans

  • Interactive Bible study resources for both basic outreach (Gospel) and more advanced studies
  • Study aids such as interactive tutorials for personal study or other topics
  • A site for a series of special resources for church Bible class programs…(stay tuned!)

Input Wanted

If you have any ideas or thoughts about a particular resource you would like to see or could be of benefit to your personal study, please feel free to contact me!

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