What Can We Really Know?

Man’s Pursuit

The pursuit of knowledge has been an endeavor of mankind with varied levels of intensity throughout all of history. The idea of “progress” through discovery has led to many inventions that have benefited mankind with comforts, increased life expectancy and health, and an expansion of our understanding of the world and universe. However, it is important to consider that all that man discovers is already known to the Creator of all, God.

God the Source

God is the source of all knowledge for mankind ultimately, as He is source of everything. Some might challenge this notion, but consider where any man or woman receives knowledge. Knowledge comes from:


The life that each of us lives are unique in the various events that transpire, and the differing choices that we make to deal with such events. However, the framework in which we live our lives is an ordered construct following rules such as physical law, cause and effect, etc. When a toddler falls for the first time when attempting to stand, that may be his or her first experience with falling, but that such an effect would happen is already known.


We each receive a large percentage of our knowledge through this method, more so than many realize. Typically when one considers instruction, they imagine it in a formal setting, such as a classroom. However, whenever we receive information from another source (perhaps based upon another’s experience) that is knowledge through instruction. When any truly “new” discovery is made, this is simply an uncovering of truth that can be shared, but is what God already knew.


This is the most subjective area of knowledge, but a very real one. There are innate qualities of understanding without human beings, especially within the realm of morality. We each have a conscience that, although it may be seared (cf. 1 Tim. 4:2), it still exists. There is some form of innate quality that seeks after God, and has a touch of the understanding of eternity (Eccl. 3:11).

With each of these sources of knowledge, we do not find a single one that is beyond the ultimate Source of God. With such an understanding in mind, why then do so many seek to discover a universe without God? Why do so many seek to create a world contrary to what God instructs us is in our own best interest? Why do so many reject what God has chosen to reveal of Himself and His Son to us, hoping to “discover” another “truth” someplace else? What can we really know that God has not taught us?

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