The Danger of Compromise: Pantheism

A Very Real Danger

Of all the many dangers facing the church in the world, one of the most dangerous is the call to compromise. The reason this call is so dangerous is because of its subtlety. Compromise does not require turning away from all of God’s Word or even a majority, only to ignore certain portions or aspects.

In this article we will examine the compromise of pantheism. This term describes the acceptance of multiple theological truths and holding them as equal in value.

The broadest form of this philosophy can be found in the Unitarian movement which describes all faiths as leading “toward God” and being equally of value. This compromise is false for three important reasons.


It is patently un-Biblical. There is no ambiguousness in the Bible concerning the sole authority and majesty of God. From the commandment denying the worship of any other god (Exo. 20:3), to the plain statement of Christ being the way (exclusive of any other way) (John 14:6) to heaven, there is no Biblical support for God’s approval (and thereby our allowance) of the observance or acceptance of any other faith. Instead, all other gospels are to be ignored, and those who proclaim them accursed (Gal. 1:8, 9).


It is simply illogical. The notion that all truths are somehow able to lead to the same destination while providing different paths is nonsensical. The concept may appeal emotionally, as it removes many of the challenges caused when differing belief systems are in conflict, but provides no actual resolution. God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33) and leaves man with one single path to follow.


It is a denial of God. The very nature of God demands that He be the sole Creator and Authority in the universe. (This is of course understood along with the Son and Holy Spirit being a part of the Godhead.) To embrace a belief that all belief philosophies are together valuable is to divide God among countless other “forces” and deities. Others may worship a force or being they call something similar to “God”, but it is not Jehovah.

We Are Not Immune

It may seem incredible for such a philosophy embracing all faiths to enter into the church. However, we are not immune to the pantheistic philosophy. The call to embrace those who do not follow the sole authority of the New Testament, who follow a different “tradition” in their service to Christ, who do not heed to simple commands of the Gospel, is the very same call given a different name. This call is just as false for the same reasons.

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