Equality of Outcomes

“Life Isn’t Fair”

The world is a generally unfair place. This has nothing to do with its Creator, but instead is both directly and indirectly the consequence of sin in the world. An important aspect of maturity in life requires not only understanding, but accepting this truth. That “life is unfair” is something many of our mother’s sought to remind us of on a regular basis.

“Things Can Change!”

This reality, however, is either not accepted, or not understood by some in the world. One of the mantras of utopians that seek to use some great force (usually the State or man’s twisted version of the Church) to bring about such fairness. Such people tend to obsess over what they describe as “equality of outcomes” as being of the greatest importance.

How to bring this “equality” about will differ with the given political\religious philosophy, but commonly centers around the use of force (either directly or indirectly). History is replete with examples of “utopias” which have each failed, owing to the imperfection of man. History is also replete with destroyed lives and worse, all in the name of “equality” by those who saw the ends as justifying any means.

Imperfect Arbiters

The reason such “equality” is impossible is due to the general unfairness of life and the lack of a perfect arbiter of fairness. There is of course much in terms of human nature that enters into the discussion as well, but ultimately there exists no human authority that can be a fair and worthy arbiter. Corruption, abuse, and shared misery are always the result of such experiments. However, there is one area in which “equality of outcomes” is not only possible, but a reality.

God is a perfectly just and fair arbiter, and His righteousness demands that His justice is meted out equally. However, in terms of one’s standing before God, this means that we are equally guilty of sin (Rom. 3:23), and will all receive the same equal punishment for it. It is in this situation that “unfairness” is our greatest friend. Through the grace found in the sacrifice of Christ we are treated “unequally”; not as we deserve, but as Christ has allowed us to be.

Proper Focus

It is curious how many people demand “fairness” in this life do not consider anything about the next. Instead of dreaming of a perfect world in this life, it is infinitely wiser to accept the great “inequality” that Christ’s sacrifice provides. Then we will live in a truly perfect world – a world none of us deserve.

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