What is There to Worry About?


The world is an unpredictable place. The future many times comes with unexpected twists and turns. There are many factors which cause people to worry during their day to day lives. These factors include: economic concerns, health concerns, employment security, stresses within family and friends, and even the “unknown” itself. The sad truth is, however, that the vast majority of things which people worry about do not have any real or immediate effect upon our lives.

Real vs. Perceived Problems

A study which was performed a number of years ago asked people about the various causes of worry in their lives. The study found that 40% of causes of worry dealt with problems which never materialized. Another 30% dealt with problems people had already faced, obsessing over a past which cannot be changed. Only 8% of causes dealt with problems which could actually be dealt with. No wonder Jesus had much to say about the problem of worry.

In the midst of His “Sermon on the Mount,” Jesus focused upon the problem of worry and encouraged His followers to take a realistic approach to life – approaching each day one at a time (Mat. 6:34, NASU).


He explained that worry is “unavailing,” having no real purpose and a great waste of time. Many factors in life may cause one to worry, but how many of these factors do we truly have control over? Despite the many different changes and dangers we face in life, the trust we hold in the power of God cannot be broken.


He explained that worry is “unnecessary,” because of God’s promised provision. He explained that many people worry about how their physical needs will be cared for by asking the important question: “Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?” (Mat. 6:25). The implication of His words is that those who work hard and trust in God will be taken care of!


He explained that worry is “unbecoming,” not a welcome characteristic of the people of God. He notes that “the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things” (Mat. 6:32) implying that those who know God should know better. Our trust in God is shown by our ability to face the difficulties in life with our eyes open and our confidence strong.

Making a Choice

In light of this teaching, how will we choose to face the problems in our lives? Let us remember that we can face tomorrow in confidence because we can trust in God today.

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