Why Does God Warn About Sin?

What is the Big Deal?

Although it might surprise those who understand the seriousness of man’s sin problem, there are those in the world who may ask why God is so concerned with the condemnation of sin in the world. Without understanding the tragic impact of sin, some assume God is seeking simply to be “controlling” or that God is simply a “downer” not wanting them to have any fun.

The Real Reason

The reality is that God has warned man about sin from the very beginning because of the incredible danger that sin presents. Every warning about sin and command to avoid committing it was for the benefit of man, without exception. These warnings protect man from the damage of sin.

Damage to the soul

Of primary importance is the destruction that sin causes the very soul of man. All sin is an offense to God and separates man from God; the person who sins will die (Eze. 18:20) because the wages (just recompense) for sin is always death (Rom. 6:23). The primary purpose of God’s eternal plan through His Son Jesus Christ was to save mankind from this horrible consequence.

Temporal damage

Despite the protestations of man, the truth is that every sinful act that God condemns have negative outcomes for man in his life. Excess of carnal pleasures and desires, including even morally neutral things, can damage the body, warp the attitude of the mind, or feed self serving desire. Behaviors that serve self are unhealthy for the individual and for society, no matter how they are packaged or presented.

Collateral damage

One of the most insidious dangers of sin is the risk of harming the innocent. Despite the claim of some, there are really few “victimless” actions. Many times the consequence of sin is not foreseen. The unintended consequences of choices contrary to God’s warning should come as no surprise because God gave His warning, yet they surprise all the same.

The Obvious Truth

When the moral, societal, and personal consequence of sinful behavior are honestly considered, along with the benefit of proven history, it becomes obvious that God has warned man about the dangers of sin for man’s own benefit. The challenge in proving this to our fellow man is that sin feeds upon itself. Once man loves sin, selfishness can override honest examination, careful introspection, and even common sense.

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