Thank You

The Time Has Come

The move for our family to Utah is coming upon us all. With this imminent great change in our lives, there is a mixture of thoughts and a mixture of emotions. There is reflection upon the memories that we have collected from over 11 years here in Redding. There is the look ahead to what is to come, and the new opportunities of the future. There is also a blending of joy and sadness; a bittersweet feeling common to times of major change. It is with such a heart I want to wish our great thanks to all here in this congregation.

Great Love

Thank you for the love you have shared to our family as our children have literally grown up in many ways around this family. There have been ups and there have been downs – such is normal in this fallen world. Sometimes a few have not always acted as they should have – the same can be said for any of us as we are imperfect people. Through it all, our family has always felt loved.

Great Encouragment

Thank you for the encouragement you have given to our family. This has been especially true in times of challenge or uncertainty. There have been many times over the years when one cannot know the right next step. There have been many projects we have attempted and some have been great successes and some have been failures. Through it all, we were encouraged to strive on.

Great Family

Thank you for taking in a young family. When we first arrived in Redding we had a 2 month old and were still short of our 3^rd^ Anniversary. Now with three children and about to celebrate 14 years together, through it all we have become an adopted part of several families here, and will have connections that will last for many years in this life, and beyond.

Comforting Words

We will miss everyone so very much, but to echo the thoughts of Paul: comfort one another with one great truth of being a part of the family of Christ. Even if we were not to meet again in this life, we will meet again in the next. Nothing can separate our great Christian family, and that includes the separation of mere physical space and time. Thank you all so much. You will always be loved and remembered by our family.

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