Making the Most of It

Empty Platitudes

In regard to life there are many platitudes that have become common sayings. For instance: “Life is what you make of it” or “Opportunity is just around the corner.” For the Christian, the choices and opportunities of life have a deeper meaning than of those in the world, with a focus not just on this life but also on the next. Walking in the worthy manner before God and sharing the Gospel of Christ are of the greatest purpose and importance.

Biblical Ethics Exercise #4: Socio-Economic Support

Physical Labors In this series of articles we will be exploring the realm of Biblical Ethics by considering example case studies and the arguments in support of and opposed to differing sides of ethical questions. This article will will look at: Is it right for the body of Christ to engage in work projects with the goal of bettering the standard of living in a different region of the world? A Specific Question To set the stage for this particular question, what is in view is not specific disaster relief for an affected area, nor the caring for brothers and sisters in Christ with needs throughout the world.

The Trap of Independence

Uniquely American

As Americans, we value our personal liberty greatly. When the original settlers came into this frontier land, they did so to seek out better personal opportunities or to leave various forms of oppression. When the nation was founded, it was founded upon the ideals of individual liberty and independence from foreign rule, liberty which the Founders described as being “endowed by our Creator”.