Preparing for War

A Time for War

War is not something commonly sought out or looked forward to with positive excitement. However, there are times when war is brought upon a people or the call to fight is necessary. It is in these times that a nation prepares to fight, by putting in place the necessary provisions and training that the future soldiers will need. It would be foolish (and devastating) for a nation to enter a conflict unprepared to fight, as would it be for every individual soldier.

TALK: Preparation Checklist for Public Speaking

DRAFT: This was the “first pass” of this resource handed out to the Timothy Class on 2/21/2016. A better finalized version is coming soon!

Public speaking is one of the most stressful things that someone can do. It tops many lists of fears for many people, sometimes being something more stressful than even death! Public speaking, like anything else in life, is better faced with some preparation.