The Trap of Reason

A Rational Mind

Reason is most worthwhile, especially when considering important truths. God created mankind with a capacity to reason – a capacity solely in man in this world for it comes from the very breath of God Himself. This ability to reason has presented man with the ability to choose and free will in life, with the knowledge and evidences necessary to make those choices. However, when the pursuit of what is “reasonable” ignores this Divine quality, it can become a trap of man’s own making.

Where Has the Love for God Gone?

The Enlightenment


In a general sense, our nation has had a history of people who are “God-fearing”. While this does not translate into New Testament Christians (as most follow the false teaching of man’s origins), it has created a relatively moral society. The reality that Americans are more “religious” than for example Europe is easily demonstrated.

However, of the past few decades, the appreciation for at least the idea and authority of God and the acceptance of the importance of His Word has waned. Over a series of three articles, we will examine this question of where this love for God has “gone”. This week, we turn back the clock a couple hundred years.