Compromising the Ressurection

A Critical Part

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has the unique distinction of being both the seminal core of Christianity and the most criticized aspect of Christianity. This is not a coincidence, as the resurrection is a culmination of all the eternal hope, and promise of life found in Christ.

Paul addressed this very fact when he confronted the Corinthian congregation, describing such things as being of “first importance” (1 Cor. 15:3, NASU). Although disbelief of a bodily resurrection was common among some Jews and most Gentiles, that such disbelief would infect the body of Christ is nonsensical. He summed up this problem by saying, “If we have hoped in Christ in this life only, we are of all men to be pitied” (15:19).

No Compromise!

It is clear that one cannot compromise the resurrection of Christ. However, some do so without realizing that they are committing any such compromise. Some, even with good motives, make seemingly “insignificant” compromises which, as an unintended logical conclusion, compromise the resurrection.


This term traditionally describes an “open fellowship” among differing denominations or sects of Christianity. This is nonsensical as it divides Christ into literally thousands of disparate and contradictory viewpoints. However, in recent years this term has been broadened to something similar to Universalism. This accepts all beliefs as “roads to God.” The important question becomes, how does one “accept” another religious group that considers Jesus to merely be a prophet (no resurrection), or to have been a false Messiah (no resurrection) without compromising the resurrection itself?


There is much that is debase in the various flavors of evolutionary theory, but one of the most distasteful is the carnal lack of uniqueness that is attributed to man. When man’s origins have a “natural” explanation, so does his eventual future. How does one deny the creative hand of God in the forming of man (or at the very least limit God’s involvement) and not compromise the solely spiritual wonder of both Christ’s resurrection our own promised one?

A Defining Hope

The truth is that one cannot avoid compromise in either case, even if this was not the original goal. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the defining hope of Christianity. If Christians cannot defend it, there is nothing left to stand on!

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