Making the Most of It

Empty Platitudes

In regard to life there are many platitudes that have become common sayings. For instance: “Life is what you make of it” or “Opportunity is just around the corner.” For the Christian, the choices and opportunities of life have a deeper meaning than of those in the world, with a focus not just on this life but also on the next. Walking in the worthy manner before God and sharing the Gospel of Christ are of the greatest purpose and importance.

A Day of Countless Choices

When considering the choices that each and every day brings, Paul offered important advice in his letter to the Ephesians. He wrote:

Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15, 16 (NASU)

Such an attitude considers every day to be full of opportunities provided by God to do the most good. How can one make the most of their time?

Be prepared

This seemingly obvious statement is the most common downfall of those seeking to make the most of life for God. In many cases, our confrontations with those of the world in regard to the Gospel are reactionary. We are placed on defensive or caught off guard when someone challenges us, rather than bringing the challenge ourselves. When not prepared, one has an uneven footing and cannot make the most of an opportunity.

Be confident

There is no magic to this idea, nor should there be. It is a simple fact that one who is confident about what they believe and why they believe it will have a better chance of being persuasive. This is not to encourage arrogance or cockiness, but an assuredness that the Gospel is the most important thing you have to bring to the world.

Be available

This statement is seemingly obvious as well, but has been the downfall of many who have claimed Christ historically. How many, in the name of Christ, have sequestered themselves away in hideaways or avoided the world altogether? We are not to be of the world, but we must be in the world in order to reach it. Many times we never take advantage of an opportunity because we are never in the position to have an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Pithy But True

Another platitude states: “You have only one life to live.” This statement may be pithy, but it is also true, especially in regard to how many chances you have to serve your God. Are we making the most of our time and taking every opportunity? If not, why not?

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