Concern Over Security

An Insecure World

The world in which we live is an insecure place. This reality has caused much concern and angst in the neighborhoods where we live. The need to feel secure has caused many men and women to seek out any source to provide them with the promise, or at least the illusion of security.

Different Aspects of Security

The obsession of security reaches into various areas of our lives. In the economic realm we find such ideas as “Social Security” and similar programs that promote a promise of economic security in the future. We put aside monies in savings accounts and investments in order to increase this future security. In the realm of geo-politics, there is much debate over “National Security,” emphasizing the need to protect our nation from foreign threats and to provide a safe environment in which to live and to prosper. We are a people who desire to keep our families safe from all possible threats.

Unfortunately, it is a proven truth that one cannot be totally secure from threats or circumstances which come in life, many of which are beyond one’s own control. Even with the best of plans, our security in this life can be threatened. When that security is removed and we feel threatened, what are we left with? The only sure and steadfast security that we can enjoy is the security which is found in God. If we enjoy the eternal security which is promised in Christ, there is no challenge in this life which can affect us (Rom. 8:38, 39, NASU). If we enjoy the eternal security which is promised in Christ, we will one day enjoy the blessings of a heavenly prize (Phil. 3:14). If we enjoy the eternal security which is promised in Christ, we will know what it means to be truly secure, both in this life and in the next (1 Pet. 5:10).

Misguided Focus

This author is not seeking to slight the pursuits of security we search after in this world or to imply that they are not important. A wise planner seeks to secure his or her own future; a wise nation seeks to secure its national identity. However, such obsessions upon these areas of security forget about the most important security we must concern ourselves with: our eternal security.

The truth is that no matter how much money we have secured for the future, we are not promised to be able to spend it. No matter how safe and secure we attempt to make our nation and world, we are not promised to avoid tragedy. The only security we can truly trust in is the security found in God. Where do you place your trust? Who is securing your life?

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