Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

A Real Concern

Parents are concerned with what their children see and hear as they grow, especially from the world at large. This concern largely focuses upon media such as movies and television, although other concerns loom large with the Information Age such as the internet. These mediums are merely conduits for different forms of information, and without certain filters can present very adult ideas to young minds.

The focus of such concerns is primarily upon sex and violence, which incidentally both are large sellers of such information. The way this concern is implemented differs by family, some with absolutes and others with more specific care. While this concern for our children is most proper and responsible as to keep their young minds from perversion and desensitivity, are our children’s minds the only minds for which we should be watchful?

All Minds Are “Impressionable”

The reality is that the adult mind is just as impressionable and can be changed by what we see and experience. Christ described the eye as the “lamp of the body” (Mat. 6:22, NASU). This figure works in two different directions: if the eye is clear one can see the truth clearly and if the eye is focused upon the truth it will remain clear. This warning has practical implication, seen by example in Christ’s warning about a man looking upon a woman “with lust for her” committing adultery in the heart (Mat. 5:28). This danger was well known by Job who declared that he “made a covenant with” his eyes to avoid such temptation (Job 31:1).

Of course, the “big bad things” of sex and violence are not the only things to temper one’s eyes from focusing upon. Anything can become a source of obsession or cause turmoil of the mind. Seemingly innocent things such as the news of the day or monetary concerns can embroil the mind when the eye cannot look away. Continuous watching of 247 news coverage can damage one’s sense of security in God just as much as the more debase things of this world.

The Real Truth

The truth is that our eyes will see many things in this world that they really should not. It is our responsibility to make sure our focus, at the end of the day, rests not with this world but upon the Son of God. We do our very best to shield our children from things they should not see. Do we do the same with our own eyes?

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