Why the Need for Change?

An Innate Need

There seems to be an innate need in man to have changes in the norm take place, even if minor in consequence, somewhat frequently. This is not, of itself, a negative quality, as the call for change for the better is the driving impetus behind invention and innovation. Without change, our standard of living would remain as poor as the ancients.

A Damaging Area

However, one area where this need to change causes immeasurable damage to man is in the area of worship to God. It seems incredible really to even consider changing that which God has instructed as He is both infinitely more powerful and the perfect authority, yet man has a sordid history of doing just that. From Nadab and Abihu during Israel’s exodus (Lev. 10), to the foolishness of modernist and post-modernists, man has wanted to change what God has plainly laid out. Why? While there are no definitive answers, it could possibly be because:

They do not really know God

There is a certain element of “religion” which some do not actually take seriously. They enjoin themselves to its precepts and teachings because of tradition, cultural demands, family history, etc., but consider the exercise to be at best theoretical. When the authority of God becomes theory, man believes it possible to change the immutable.

They are bored

This seems a pitiful line of reasoning, but may account for more such choices when man is honest with himself. Man enjoys “innovation” and can become disinterested in the norm. This of course makes mundane that which should be sublime. This is a human failing not of the mind but of the heart. God never bores of that which He considers the most serious, so what excuse does man have?

They believe they can do “better”

When considered in the full context of knowing better than God, this seems full of hubris. However, most do not connect it with God, but instead conflate God’s command with tradition; confusing what is eternal with what the “older people” do.

What never seems to change

These reasons do not answer the question in every case, but do cover many scenarios where the justifications made by men (sometimes in their own words) to change what God has handed down is encouraged. It is ironic really that among all this call for change one thing never does change: Man cannot seem to simply abide by what God has given him!

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