The Word Endures Forever

Perfection’s Impossibility

Perfection is an incredibly difficult, and ultimately impossible, goal to attain. This is true in the life of man in a moral sense, and also just in day to day experience where we will inevitably make mistakes. This is true in a manufacturing sense where all materials have a degree of imperfection, the concept of entropy means everything will at some point break down, and design flaws eventually occur. This is true in the realm of government where, inefficiency and corruption aside, the best worded law will never perfectly encompass every situation.

Man’s Examples

Consider one of the most profound documents in world history: the United States Constitution. This document, forming the basis of all United States law, was carefully worded and masterfully crafted. Because of God’s role in the raising and lowering of nations, it is likely His hand is in some way a part of what this document became. But even the U. S. Constitution was crafted by imperfect men, who knew that it was itself imperfect, allowing for an amendment process to be put in place to repair any possible imperfections.

Compare this, or the founding documents of any nation, the greatest examples of the wisdom of man, or any work of man’s hand, with the eternal perfection of the Word of God. Peter, quoting the Book of Isaiah, wrote:

All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower grass…But the word of the Lord endures forever. 1 Peter 1:24, 25 (NASU)

For something to truly endure forever, it must be perfect, requiring no modification, no updating, and no change whatsoever.

No Change? Ever?

How many things in the experience of man require no change whatsoever? In history, what empire has lasted forever? What code of laws has gone without revision? What understanding of the universe has not been modified? A great power of the Word of the Lord is its un-changeability. What God gave to man literally thousands of years ago still applies today.

So looking toward the future, what would you place your future in? Is there anything we can trust not to change without a shadow of a doubt? Nations rise and fall. Laws are made, modified, and repealed. Science makes new discovery. The Word of Lord endures forever.

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