Sacrificing Our Own Children

A Very Wicked Practice

In the 7th Century B.C., the people of the Kingdom of Judah committed deeds of abomination so despicable in the sight of God that He decided to destroy the nation a few short years after. Man had been well practiced at committing sin, and both Israel and Judah were no exception. However, none of the idolatry, injustice, immorality, or other behavior had matched what was encouraged by King Manasseh. He encouraged the people to engage in child sacrifice, causing his very own son to “pass through the fire” (2 Kings 21:6, NASU).

This practice was exactly as it sounds: the burning sacrifice of live children, some of them infants, to the god Molech. Such practices were a part of the “fertility cults” which taught that by offering one’s own child, greater bounties in other children or harvests would come as a result. In a sense, this was a perversion of God’s principle of offering the first fruits, but child sacrifice was something never asked for by God and was an abomination (Jer. 32:35).

Disdain in Hindsight

We look back at such a cynical and cold practice with contempt and disdain. That a people could actually believe that they could offer their own flesh and blood in order to have a greater bounty is despicable. However, in the post-modern age, a new form of sacrifice has come into practice among the churches of Christ. This sacrifice is not physical, but instead spiritual – and its reasoning is quite similar to the practice of old.

Similar Twisted Reasoning

In many congregations it has become vogue to be more accepting of “progressive” or “modern” practices which will “enhance” the worship service, or make the body of Christ more “appealing” to young people. The theory is explained that by making such concessions, our numbers will grow as we are seen as more appealing to post-modern culture. The great irony is that the very opposite is true.

A Very Real Sacrifice

When church leaderships fail to challenge or even embrace the “progressive” changes to the Word of God, by allowing “innovations” which are not permitted, or loosening the bounds of what is sinful behavior, what is necessary for salvation, etc. they are sacrificing those very young people they are charged to teach and help bring to maturity. The sad truth is, by allowing an atmosphere which encourages false teaching and damages Biblical truth, they are offering up their own children to a much more dangerous fire than one set before Molech. All for the sake of greater numbers – just like the fertility cults of old.

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