Confronting the Assumptions of Evolution: Origins

Weak Assumptions

As an important part of Christian Evidences, the refutation of the Theory of Evolution (and its legion of variations) is a large area of study. There are many avenues of criticism, both through Biblical evidences and scientific evidences. However, some of its greatest weaknesses do not lie with its conclusions, but instead with the assumptions necessarily made to arrive at such conclusions. We will be examining some of these assumptions in the next few articles. The first assumption we will examine deals with the question of origins.

A Broken Start

Such a question is of such a basic nature, one could possibly (and incorrectly) assume that the proverbial “Square One” of evolutionary theory could be easily explained and understood. However, this is not the case.

Cause vs. No Cause

From the perspective of Creationism, the question of origins is answered by the original “Cause” of the universe, specifically the creative actions of God. This is a powerful (and ancient) argument for the existence of God known commonly as the “Cosmological Argument”. In short, because the universe exists (the Effect), an equal or greater force (the Cause) must exist in order to bring it about. This is a common axiom in regard to all physical law.

From the perspective of Evolutionism, there exists an immediate problem. Whereas dubious “mechanisms” have been theorized as to how the process of evolution would take place, there is no real answer as to what (or What) exactly began the process. This same problem can be extrapolated out further to the universe itself where such “solutions” as the “Big Bang” do not answer the question of what actually “banged”.

A “Sleight of Hand” Solution

The solution has been, throughout the last 150ish years, to simply increase the amount of time that such processes took place. Because of the human limitation in fathoming vast numbers, what would be hard to accept in a period of 100 years, or 10,000 years is thought possible in 1 million, or 16 billion. However, this is sleight of hand – physical law remains true (e.g. cause and effect) today, yesterday, or a theoretical 16 billion years ago. All that is different is time.

The only real honest answer Evolutionism could offer is that “something happened”. Creationism knows exactly what that “something” is, and it did not take eons for the Cause to create, it only took six days (Gen. 1, 2).

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