The Greatness of Jesus Proven By His Enemies: Part Three

Even More Proof

In previous articles, we introduced the idea of Jesus’ greatness being proven by those who were opposed to Him. As stated before, although this concept may at first seem somewhat backwards (why do we care what Jesus’ enemies think?), what those who are against you have to admit to be true about you can be very telling. It is the purpose of this article to examine Jesus’ genealogy.

Serious Business

Genealogy is not something which is taken very seriously in modern American culture – at least not to the degree with which is was in the ancient eastern world. When we look at the subject of genealogies in the Bible, we are usually confronted by a dry list of names, some of which we do not even know. However dry these lists of names might seem to us, they were a treasure trove of history to the Jewish mind. By placing oneself in the line of a David or of a Joseph (and of course all in Abraham), one was connected with the history of the nation on a very personal level. Even in the time of Christ, the Jews had kept meticulous records of their own origins

So, how could a simple listing of names be such a great testimony to the power of Christ, especially through His enemies? Precisely because His enemies would have looked at this issue first before confronting Christ publicly. If it could be established that Christ was not of the family of David, of the tribe of Judah, than any claims Christ may have had to being the Messiah were moot.

Although there is some confusion as to the differences which exist between the genealogical references found in Matthew Chapter 1 and Luke Chapter 3, these are easily rectified. The simplest explanation is that Matthew’s listing (a focus upon the Jewish mind and the importance of father above else) dealt with the lineage of Joseph, Christ’s adopted father; while Luke’s listing (a focus upon the Gentile obsession on the physical) dealt with the lineage of Mary, Christ’s physical mother. Although this explanation does not remove all the possible problems, what is most telling is that no Pharisee, Sadducee, scribe, or other legal expert ever challenged Christ’s lineage!

Recorded for all to Know

It is wondrous to consider this truth when we find Christ appearing in the synagogue, claiming to fulfill Scripture in the hearing of those present (Luke 4:21, NASU). This man, born of Bethlehem, a native of Nazareth, was also a part of the tribe of Judah and heir to the throne of David. He was the Messiah! The records proved it!

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