Focusing on the Wrong Time

Exciting Topics

In terms of religious discussion, there are fewer more tantalizing subjects than that of eschatology. This realm of study focuses upon the End Times (Second Coming, Judgment Day, etc.). The reason such study has a unique degree of excitement is that it deals with events that are still yet to come, as opposed to events which have transpired hundreds of years past. In truth, these studies should also be greatly sobering, as they usher in the final outcome for all of mankind; an outcome beyond horror for countless many.

A Possible Danger

This kind of study, like any other Biblical topic, has great importance and personal applicability. However, there exists a danger with this field of becoming too focused upon the wrong place in time. This fixation upon a promised event that will transpire becomes more important than considering what is necessary to face that event when it does transpire.

Personal profit

There have always been those seeking to personally profit from false predictions and doctrines. With the explosion of speculative fiction in recent years over the falsely understood “Rapture” it is easy to forget that false teachers have been predicting the end of the world ever since the First Century! Some even believed they missed the End (1 Thes. 4:13ff)!

Target fixation

Even more dangerous, is a lack of focus upon the needs of today. By becoming so focused upon the End, one forgets to live in the Now, including all those things spiritually necessary for both obedience and fidelity to Christ. The events of tomorrow are enough to cause some to worry (cf. Mat. 6:34); what the eventual End will bring can cause some to lose their focus. It is partially for this reason that this writer believes we are not told when the End will come (cf. Mat. 24:36).

Having the Right Perspective

It is easy to become fascinated with the promises of the End, even when wrapped in the veil of the symbols of the Revelation. Knowing that the world will come to an End is something the world needs to hear. Knowing that the choices I make today are the most important is what we need to remember in the Now.

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