God Does Not Fear Challenge

A Common Misunderstanding

One of the most misunderstood Biblical concepts is the concept of faith. This powerful source of spiritual strength for all believers has been misconstrued by both claimed believers and non-believers alike. The primary area of misunderstanding is the notion of faith without proof or evidence (e.g. “the leap of faith”). God has never asked or expected man to believe in truths without evidence, nor has He asked man to follow His Word without very real assurances.

This understood, it is no surprise that God should have no fear of the never ending challenges that are brought by man. This is true because “the foolishness of God is wiser than men” (1 Cor. 1:25, NASU). Some examples of these challenges include:

Scientific inquiry

The realm of science is ever seeking to better understand the nature of being and the universe in which man lives. Despite preconceptions which dismiss the supernatural and focus upon the empirical, the further down man is able to dig into the nature of what was created, man only continues to unearth evidence for a Designer and a Creator.

Objective morality

Much of world history is the rise and fall of nations and connected with many of those rise and falls the acceptance than later rejection of a high moral standard. God warns man about the dangers of sin not simply to be a “downer”, but because sin has real negative consequences of men and societies and always will!

Questions of being

The number of philosophies regarding the nature of existence invented by man is legion. The universal flaw joining each of these broken philosophies is their lack of providing real answers to the purpose of life. Only in God Word can meaning for life (and beyond) ever be found, no matter where man chooses to search.


The reality is that man will continue to search and to discover many new wonders and to invent many more foolish fantasies. The wonders man discovers will not be anything new to God; man will simply be finding out what God already knows and confirming it. The foolish fantasies man will invent will only continue to prove the eternal worth and value of God’s Word; and in the End it is the only Word that will really matter!

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