Controlling the Future

A Quotation

The dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell, is a troubling piece of fiction, focused upon the horrors and evils of an overpowering totalitarian state. The novel is troubling as many concepts explored by its author mirror to some degree the actions of some very real totalitarian regimes in recent history.

One particular quotation from the novel, which is described as being the slogan of “the Party” reads: “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” The meaning behind this slogan is explored in the process of revisionist history where past events are “fixed” to reflect the present understanding, without any concern for the actual truth. What is of note is that, while not being in any way Orwell’s intention, this “slogan” is a perfect summary of modern false teachings in regard to human origins:

Modern False Teachings

Undoing the future

A primary problem for the humanist or atheist is the question of what lies beyond physical existence. The belief in an afterlife is a commonality among all cultures throughout human history, even if many times in a highly corrupted fashion. This is no accident, for there exists some innate understanding of something more than this life within man (cf. Eccl. 3:11).

Rewriting the past

Such a belief in the supernatural was dismissed by such people as mere “mysticism”, but mankind could not deny the reality of its own existence. It was far more difficult to deny a supernatural future without first denying a supernatural past. Once the falsehood of existence through “natural” means was presented, and slowly accepted, it became easier to deny the idea of Heaven, Hell, Judgment, or Deity altogether. This, however, required ignoring what was plain to see (Rom. 1:20ff).

Policing the present

To keep such falsehood alive and well in the minds of people, the denial of the supernatural had to permeate into every aspect of life, including moral law, ethics, physical law (although an impossibility!) and others. The continued rewriting of our past is the primary focus of those who deny the existence and power of God.

Why Does This Work?

With this all in mind, the question then becomes: How has this been so successful in our society? This answer is sadly simple: Those who have forgotten where they came from do not care where they are going. Those who have forgotten where they came from do not know Who, and Whose they are.

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