The Uncompromising Jesus Christ


In the world of marketing, many factors are considered when presenting a particular product or message to the public. At the forefront of these factors lies the interest in understanding the audience, and tailoring the presentation to be the most effective with that audience. This process (sometimes called “packaging”) can be very successful in presenting a product in an attractive and exciting way.

These kinds of marketing techniques or processes have become the vogue within the general “religious” community. There are many organizations attempting to use “packaging” in their pursuit of converts and adherents. Many times the ultimate casualty of this process is the message itself – something which should never be changed or modified.

Jesus as Example

Perhaps the best way to demonstrate this idea is with the person of Jesus Christ. He never allowed the audience to dictate, to shape, or to be the ultimate arbiter of His message. The Word He was charged to bring came from His Father alone.

Jesus was never afraid to offend those who were opposed to Him (Mat. 13:57; 15:12; Mark 6:3, NASU). In today’s world, causing another to become “offended” is something to feared. Our overly-sensitive society has caused many to remain silent, even when the truth needs to be spoken. Those who were “offended” by Jesus’ Words were those who were opposed to His teaching, and therefore opposed to God. These men frankly needed to be “offended”.

Jesus was also never afraid to lose followers because His teaching may have been too “difficult” for them to accept (John 6:60). The harsh reality of life is that sometimes the truth is difficult to hear, especially when it deals with our own sin. Should Jesus have better “tailored” His message as to keep more followers? What power is in such a message?

Many modern marketers would probably consider Jesus to have been a great “failure”. The following He had gathered later turned upon Him and gave Him up to be crucified. However, Jesus did not come to create a mass following, or to appeal through slick presentation or “packaging” to appeal to man. He came to bring man something truly precious – the truth. When those who truly seek to serve God are confronted with the Word of God, it is not “packaging” which gives the Word its great appeal. It is the same power that Peter acknowledged – these are the “words of eternal life” (John 6:68).

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